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Stage 5 Trading Corp. Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) Trading Service, the CTS T4/FIX and the CQG trading platform service.
highridgefutures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, and the Rithmic trading service.
Worldwide Futures Systems Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) trading service.
AGN Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the Rithmic trading platform service and the CTS T4 trading platform service.
Kingsview Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart with Rithmic trading platform service for a high quality unfiltered connection.
Insignia Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the Trading Technologies trading platform service.
Optimus Trading Group Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the Rithmic trading providing Low Latency and Unfiltered Tick Data.
Zaner Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the TransAct trading service.
TopstepTrader image TopstepTrader is a trader development and recruitment firm. We invite anyone, anywhere in the world to practice trading, prove their skills and then get recruited to a team of elite traders - all without risking personal trading capital. Once drafted, the trader will be backed with a fully funded account by our equity partner and ongoing support - complete with an industry-best profit split. Supporting Sierra Chart, the CTS T4/FIX and the Rithmic services.
Trade Futures 4 Less Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart the CTS T4/FIX trading service and the Rithmic trading service.
DeepDiscountTrading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart with your choice of CTS T4 FIX, CQG or Rithmic trading platform services for a high quality unfiltered connection.
Daniels Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) trading service.
Cannon Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) and TransAct trading services. Also visit the website.
Sierra Futures

Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the CQG trading platform service, the Rithmic trading platform service and the CTS T4 FIX trading platform service.

Sierra Futures is an independent futures brokerage which is not run by Sierra Chart. It is a brokerage offering the Sierra Chart trading software.

TradePro Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) Trading Service, the CTS T4/FIX, the Rithmic, the Trading Technologies and the CQG trading platform service.
Veltiprice Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart with Rithmic trading platform service for a high quality unfiltered connection.
Emini Futures Broker Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart and the Rithmic trading service.
ApexFutures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the GAIN Capital (OEC Trader) trading service and the Trading Technologies trading platform service.
WH SelfInvest Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart, the CQG trading platform service.

WH SelfInvest serves private retail clients as well as institutional clients. Clients based in more than 28 different countries have chosen WHS for its legendary multilingual service.

As a European regulated broker WHS needs to meet strict requirements and to maintain high operational quality standards.

Other Websites

Order Flow Edge Trading simplified. We are Order Flow Traders offering a truly unique view on the markets utilizing our proprietary Order-Flow trading method. Separate yourself from the herd by learning how to identify and execute high-probability trade opportunities based on supply and demand information. Visit our website for a free access pass to watch us Trade Live and discover what trading with a true edge is all about.
EZ Futures image EZFutures
FTFTrading A team of french traders who are using the order flow and the order book to predict price action and volatility through few training courses based on the market making activities.
Watts Trading Group Watts Trading offers an objective system for approaching the markets. It comes with unlimited support via a live trading room, email and Yahoo Messenger. Sierra Chart templates are provided. Individual support is provided for a quick learning curve. The system has clear objective entries, stops and targets.
Trade2Win The leading UK community website for active traders with well over 5000 members.
The Private Banker Through the Private Banker educational program, traders can access two avenues of learning. One, through a bespoke forum for like-minded traders where the Private Banker provides a self-study section that is accessible to all forum members. And two, a one-on-one trader consulting service for those who need a more guided approach to their learning.
Profsoftware logo Professional Software Solutions has been developing custom trading software for 15+ years and offers the Backtesting & Walk Forward Manager; a powerfull, advanced and visual Backtesting Solution, which allows in-depth backtesting analysis, including multi layered walk forward optimizations, visual detection of best entry market response, 3D multi parameter display and many more sophisticated helpful functions assisting you getting the most out of your trading strategies
Caveman Trader Trading so simple, even a caveman can do it.
Commitments of Traders
NatuLogics logo We seek to integrate alternative analytic techniques into trading activities and for economic decision making under uncertainty.

Right now, Launching Emotional Environment Detectors from market participants public opinions for Sierra Chart as an integrated service.
quantisme logo The Quantisme is a very new way to view and read the orderbook, and the market orderflow. On this website, you could see how these tools (quantbook/quantmap/quantrun) let you read the market making HFT activities with a very special orderbook. You will be able to see how the limit order flow are reacting about the market order flow, and how the market execution is made, compare to the available liquidity of the orderbook. You will see how HFT are dealing with the market orderflow. Micro structure focused, TapeReader, OrderbookScalper, daytrader, you are all welcome!
OpenTrader image OpenTrader is bridging the gap between retail and professional traders through their world-class professional training program. It's the futures industry's first truly comprehensive program that teaches independent traders the methods and techniques used by professional traders and proprietary trading firms through a dedicated online training portal.
GoForTrading/GO交易 GO交易/GoForTrading 致力於提供華人地區一個經驗分享學習平台。愈來愈多人參與投入
24hr國際金融交易,然而有鑑於一般交易者因語言的隔閡而無法前進海外市場,如何在全 球
提供對於海外外匯期貨(Futures)、外 匯保證金(Forex)、美股(Stock)、ETF...等等各類全球可交
網路快速爆炸性成長、全球化的趨勢,24 HR 全球金融商品交易愈來愈方便而簡單;透過適
合的工具,將在廣大的金融市場上擁有取之不竭 的機會。
我們推薦Sierra Chart 為您海外交易的平台,Sierra Chart優異的平台能讓您擁有絕佳的交易工具
Trade Logically: Sierra Chart Section Futures and Forex Discussion Board for Traders and Programmers. "Exclusive Tools For Successful Traders" - A membership site dedicated to high probability, simple market timing methods for both scalpers and swing/position traders alike. Beginners always welcome!
Emini Methods This site offers simple systems and methods for trading emini markets and stocks developed by a veteran trader and a long-time Sierra Chart user.
Kwik POP
Optic Trading Optic Trading is an educational course built upon the principals of one-on-one support, coaching, examples, and tangible honest advice. The curriculum is laid out in an easy to digest video format that accommodates the absolute beginner, as well as the seasoned professional. The program gives traders a complete education. Traders will understand risk and money management techniques, as well as setups and execution and the more advanced techniques. Getting on board trends early, reading strength in real time, and determining the likely day type before the day is even completed are just a few of the many advanced subjects covered in the program. Your Roadmap to Live Futures Trading and Investing. Teaching Traders to Buy Like Investors Should and Sell Like Speculators Wished they Could!
TheTradingZone TheTradingZone teaches new and experienced traders how to day trade the e-mini futures. Based on the TTZ methodology of combining technical indicators, Price levels, Market Profile and Price Action, TheTradingZone has developed a Simple Objective and Highly Accurate trading system. The trades are demonstrated live every day in the Chat Room, and members benefit from Live Webinars held twice per week.
View My Trades Logo Have you ever wanted to find a Live Trade Room that achieved consistent results for its members and did so in an honest and transparent way? At View My Trades we run a Daily Live E-mini Trade Room for our members. We record every trade room for 100% transparency and post all of our trades and yes even the losers! Aside from the consistent disciplined results our members love the integrity with which we operate our room. If that sounds like something that may be of interest come take a Free Trial for one week, no credit cards required, at and we will see you in the trade room!!!
apazones Automated dynamic support/resistance and supply/demand zones on your Sierra Chart.
Invicta Trader Passion for Trading.
Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, The Traders' Magazine provides serious traders with information on how to apply charting, numerical and computer trading methods to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures.
HFF Logo Founded by a PhD mathematician, Hidden Force Flux offers a unique platform uncovering order flow events hidden to most traders. Hidden Force Flux tracks and highlights these events in real-time, enabling traders to gain an informational advantage that can take their trading to the next level. Using this platform, traders can spot high-precision reversal/continuation points in the market, order flow support/resistance levels and more. Gain the edge-become a better informed trader with Hidden Force Flux.

Try our 30-day free trial at ToTheTick provides precise support/resistance zones for several index and currency futures markets, and a custom indicator to project them onto your charts. Using these accurate zones enables traders to identify trades with low risk and high reward.
Hidden TimeFrames Logo Hidden TimeFrames is a site dedicated to helping you, the day trader, improve the odds of entries and exits as well as the management of trades in futures trading. Hidden TimeFrames’s ultimate goal is to transition traders from an uninformed approach to execution, to a methodical, patient, natural and intuitive way to see, understand and trade the markets.
jurik logo Advanced algorithms for tracking and analyzing market behavior. Our adaptive, non-linear formulas give a real edge over strategies based on classical technical analysis. Our JMA is recognized as the "gold standard" in moving averages, even superior to institutional favorites like the Kalman filter.

Jurik Research has been on the leading edge since 1988. We received awards from Stocks and Commodities Magazine and gave invited presentations to both national and international trading associations. Visit our website and see the difference.
Traders World We are Traders World Magazine, the official magazine of technical analysis. We put you in the world of trading. We publish a printed magazine, which goes to 10,000 - 12,000 traders quarterly. We also have online subscribers. Most of our readers are paid subscribers. We have articles on both classical and modern technical analysis, trading book and software reviews and much more.
Trade Angle Strategies Beginner, intermediate and veteran traders or investors: We have an answer for any in any phase of your trading career! Take advantage financially of all the hard work Trade Angle Strategies (TAS) has done to make trading and investing as simple as it can be. We believe that the only reason that you should be involved with trading or investing is to make money. We can arm you with this edge in trading and investing with our very tried and true trading tools! Our Indicator Package is the ultimate suite that drives bona fide results. Get on the right side of the trade! Experience what it's like to trade commodities with the professionals with our Futures Trading Room with a mix of insightful market commentary, real-time application of the TAS Tools, and live trade signals. It costs nothing to try! Sign up for a 3-Day free trial.
Forex Signals After a decade in the markets we aim to provide a complete guide for professional retail traders as to the use of automated strategies to enhance their profits in the FX market. By comparing brokers, alert services & educators we aim to bring more and more traders in to profitability through the use of mechanical systems. A highly successful trading method, with easily identifyable setups, used to scalp the emini's.
Protradingfutures logo Futures Trading Room Orchestrating In 100% Transparency with DOM and Charts. Trading Emini and Crude Oil Futures. One Chart / One Mechanical Trade Setup Methodology. Monthly Memberships & Free Trial In Our Futures Trading Room.
Triage Messaging Connect your Sierra Chart to any phone, mobile device, fax, instant messenger, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook account. Wherever you go, 24 hours a day. If you are a trader using Sierra Chart chances are you would like to have quick and easy access to your trading platform wherever you go, any time of the day or night without the need to be tied to your computer all day.

With Triage Messaging, you can free yourself from your trading desk. Send messages about your trading account details, important news and information, trading signals, prices, indicators, market events and more. Whether you are at an important business meeting, walking down the street, at a restaurant, your daughter's recital or on the 18th hole, you're connected to your trading platform. Anywhere you can imagine.

BorzniTrgovec is a EUropean - Slovenian (International version comming soon) trading educational portal for active traders.We can offer you the best discretionary trading approach that we have developed so far for trading currency (forex) markets and can be executed consistently in a systematic way. Please see our site for contact info and more details.
the efficient trader logo The Efficient Trader futures trading room is truly a distinctive service. Using Sierra Charts and the prebuilt chart templates the methodology shows you where to trade ahead of time with trade entrance, target, and stop. Total transparency where trades are called ahead in real time and executed on a DOM. Join The Efficient Trader Futures Trading Room. Get the tools and training needed to become a consistently profitable trader..
Spartan Forecasts Logo Our mission is to provide timely and accurate Daily Market Forecasts™ of the most highly traded markets for day traders each day. Our Daily Market Forecasts™ can help traders of all skill sets to meet their overall investment goals and trading objectives through our proven market forecasting methodology.
sceeto image ...sceeto's goal is to bring high-quality algorithmic processing of real-time market data, to the masses. Here at ...sceeto we work hard to build the smartest algorithms, process tons of market data, and to distribute our findings in real-time to our clients. Many of ...sceeto's algorithms are predicated on intelligence that we harvest from scrutinizing each and every transaction within the order flow of the markets that we actively monitor. Logo is the largest futures trading community on the planet, with over 75,000 members. provides an environment where positive thinking and collective sharing of trading methodologies, risk and money management principles come together to help improve your trading

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