Copying Chart Drawings from Other Charts Automatically

A Chart Drawing is a drawing drawn with a Chart Drawing Tool from the Tools menu. This includes Lines, Rays, Parallel Lines, Price Retracement drawings and all of the other types of drawings drawn with a Drawing Tool.

To copy these Chart Drawings from one or more charts to a specific chart in the same or different Chartbook automatically, then you will need to use the Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #'s edit box in Chart >> Chart Settings >> Advanced Settings 2 for the chart.

Enter in that box, the source Chart Number. Example: 4. Each chart has a number that is shown after the # sign on its title bar, or the Region Data Line at the top of the chart. This is the Chart Number you need to specify without the #.

If there are multiple chart numbers, separate them with a ',' (comma). Example: 1, 2, 3.

Copying Chart Drawings from Other Chartbooks: It is supported to copy Chart Drawings across charts from different open Chartbooks. It is necessary for the Chartbooks containing the charts which contain the Chart Drawings which are being copied, to be open. To accomplish this you need to specify the Chartbook name with the Chart Number in the Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #'s box. The general format is: [chartbook name]:[chart number]. Example: Chartbook1:4, Chartbook1:2. There can be multiple Chartbooks with a Chart Number specified, each separated by a comma.

When using this feature, when the Chart Drawing changes in the source chart, it will automatically be updated in the destination chart. This occurs at the Chart Update Interval.

Chart Drawings copied from a source chart can also be modified on the destination chart, refer to Modifying and Deleting Chart Drawing copied to Other Chart.

For complete documentation, refer to Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #'s.

*Last modified Sunday, 14th January, 2018.