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Sierra Chart supports the TransAct Futures Trading service. This service provides both real-time tick-by-tick futures data and futures trading. Real-time Futures data and trading is provided for the CME, GLOBEX, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE, and Eurex. You will have access to long-term and tick by tick Intraday chart data, and futures trading. Long-term Historical Daily chart data is provided by Sierra Chart.

The TransAct platform is supported by many brokerages. Therefore you have a wide array of brokerages to choose from.

Trading with TransAct is fully supported with the Sierra Chart advanced trading functionality.

What is Included

  • Streaming Real-Time Data: Yes. Provided by TransAct.
  • Historical Intraday Data: Yes. Tick by Tick and various increments up to 1 Minute. Intraday data available for the last 5 years. Provided by TransAct.
  • Historical Daily Data: Provided through the Sierra Chart Historical Daily Data service. 10+ years available.
  • Historical BidVolume and AskVolume: Yes.
  • Live Trading Services: Yes.
  • Simulated Trading: Yes.
  • Order Types Supported: All except Market If Touched.
  • Server Managed OCO (Order Cancels Order): No.
  • Automated Trading (applies to Live or Simulated): Yes.
  • Source of Real-time and Historical Data: Provided by TransAct Futures except for Historical Daily bar data for days other than current day. Data is not provided by Sierra Chart. Any missing data issues or inaccuracies need to be reported to TransAct Futures.
  • Historical Order Fills from Trading Server: Yes. Current day only and clears at the end of the trading day.

Setup Instructions

  1. To use the TransAct futures trading service, you need to have an account with them through one of their supported brokerages, like Infinity Futures. If you do not have an account, a free 30 day simulation account is available.
  2. Go to Sierra Chart. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings on the menu.
  3. Click on the Service list box at the top of the window. Select the TransAct service name from the list.
  4. Enter your TransAct account Username and Password in the Connection Details frame. The information you enter here is definitely not your Sierra Chart login information. Those are different.
  5. Set the Connection Type to either Demo, Simulated Live, Live. What to select depends upon the particular TransAct Username you are using. Contact your broker to find out what you should select.
  6. In the Account box, enter your TransAct account identifier. This must be set correctly in order to connect to TransAct. Contact your broker if you are not sure what this is.
  7. Enable the Connect On Program Startup and the Reconnect on Failure options.
  8. Set the Time Zone setting to the time zone that you want times displayed in.
  9. Set the Intraday Data Storage Time Unit to what you require.
  10. Press OK to close the Data/Trade Service Settings window.
  11. To connect to the data and trade servers, select File >>Connect to Data Feed on the menu.
  12. If the Window >> Message Log opens indicating an error connecting to the data and trade servers, then refer to Common TransAct Trading Service Issues.

    To prevent continuous reconnections to the servers if the connection is failing, select File >> Disconnect.
  13. If you are still unable to connect to the TransAct data and trade servers, then refer to help topic 1.5.
  14. To open a Historical Chart, an Intraday Chart, or a Trading DOM, select File>>Find Symbol on the menu. Simply select the symbol from the available lists, and press the appropriate button.
  15. Continue with step number 3 on the Getting Started documentation page.

Trading with TransAct from Sierra Chart

The Sierra Chart trading functionality fully supports the TransAct trading service.

In order to perform live trading using Sierra Chart and view your TransAct account orders, select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings on the menu. Set the Connection Details >> Connection Type to Live.

Make certain the TransAct Username, Password and Account Number are set to your Live TransAct account information. If you change any of these settings, reconnect to the server with File >> Disconnect and File >> Connect to Data Feed on the menu.

Once Sierra Chart is connected to TransAct, to place live trades and to see your Orders and Position on a chart, make sure there is not a check-mark by Trade >> Trade Simulation Mode On. And make sure there is a checkmark by Trade >> Chart Trade Mode On.

For complete instructions, refer to the Overview of Trading page.

There is no assurance that when orders are entered outside of Sierra Chart and instead from the TransAct software, that they will be displayed in Sierra Chart.

Notice : When trading from Sierra Chart, and you are running the TransAct AT software at the same time, you must disable the Auto Bracket feature in the TransAct AT software if you are using Attached Orders in Sierra Chart. Otherwise, a new order entered from Sierra Chart will cause an automatic bracket to be submitted from TransAct AT, resulting in two sets of brackets.

Known Reasons for Missing Order Fills in Trade Activity Log and Solutions

The following information is complete information about order fills being missing from the Trade >> Trade Activity Log >> Trade Activity tab. Sierra Chart Support has no additional information we can provide relating to this.

  • Your computers Date-Time is incorrect. This will cause an order fill to be put in the wrong location in the Trade >> Trade Activity Log even if it initially appears to be in the right location. If the computers Date is too early, it could also be filtered out by Sierra Chart after restarting the program. The extent of this problem will depend upon how far off the computer's date and time are from the correct time. An inaccurate time by seconds or a few minutes is not going to cause any significant problem. Refer to help topic 38 to set your computer's clock accurately.
  • The Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Connection Details >> Connection Type is different compared to the Transact trading software you are using. For example it could be set to Simulated Live when in the Transact software you are using Live.
  • Having Trade >> Trade Simulation Mode On enabled. This must be disabled/unchecked to receive order fills from the external trading server. Otherwise, they will not. This is going to be the most common reason for missing order fills.
  • Not having Sierra Chart connected to the trading server with File >> Connect to Data Feed during the time the order fills are occurring.
  • The order fills were not sent from the trading server on the trading connection either in real time or upon a connection. This could be due to the Connection Type being different compared to the trading software or for other unknown reasons.
  • Not connecting Sierra Chart to the data feed at least once during the trading day before the market closes. The trading server only maintains order fills for the current day and clears them just after the market close.
  • To download historical order fills that the trading server currently has and are not in the Trade >> Trade Activity Log, Reconnect to the Data Feed.

    Within about 30 seconds after connecting to the trading server, go to Trade >> Trade Service Log. You will see a line that says Received (number of fills) order fills. Inserting the ones that do not exist. If zero order fills have been received, then the trading server did not send any and no longer has any record of them.

    If this line indicates order fills have been received, but you do not see them in the Trade >> Trade Activity Log, then contact Sierra Chart Support.

For additional information and instructions to manually insert order fills, refer to Missing Order Fills from Trade Activity Log.

Since the Trade >> Trade Activity Log >> Trade Stats for Charts tab is based on order fills, it has a high probability of being inaccurate when there are missing order fills which is a common issue no matter what Trading service Sierra Chart is being used with. Therefore, neither Transact support or Sierra Chart support will provide any help with inaccurate information on that tab. Consider it unsupported.


If a chart is not updating in real-time or there are only zeros displayed on a Quote Board for a symbol, then the entered TransAct account in Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Connection Details >> Account may not have the symbol authorized on it.

Make sure Sierra Chart is connected to the data feed and trade server by selecting File >> Connect to Data Feed on the menu.

An indication that a symbol is not authorized on your TransAct account is the following message displayed in the Window >> Message Log:

Symbol Error - YMH6 is unknown, unavailable, or improperly formatted. Failed to Subscribe to Contract | (Date-Time)

If the symbol is not authorized on your TransAct account, then when you open a chart for that symbol you will see Symbol is Unknown displayed on the chart. If the symbol that you want to chart and trade is not authorized on your trading account, contact your broker and have them add the symbol to your account.

Notice: When your broker enables/authorizes a symbol on your TransAct account, it will not be immediately available for use in Sierra Chart. Allow 24 hours for the TransAct system to update your account. When the TransAct system updates your account, you will then have to reconnect to the data feed or restart Sierra Chart to be able to use the symbol. Although you may see the symbol more quickly in the TransAct AT software, it may not show up immediately in Sierra Chart.

Common TransAct Trading Service Issues

This section explains possible issues you may encounter when using the TransAct trading service. Sierra Chart Support can only provide limited help with these issues.

You should contact TransAct support or your broker to resolve these issues if necessary. It also must be understood by you that when you are using the TransAct service, you need to have either a demo or live funded account with TransAct or one of their affiliated brokers in order to use their service.

Invalid User or Password / User ID Has Expired

Transact Futures - Connection error: Invalid User or Password.
Transact Futures - Connection error: User ID Has Expired.
  1. If you are receiving one of the above messages, then there is a problem with the connection settings in Sierra Chart for the TransAct Trading service, your TransAct Username or Password are invalid as entered in Sierra Chart, or your TransAct Username has expired.
  2. In Sierra Chart select File >> Disconnect on the menu.
  3. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings on the menu.
  4. Enter your correct TransAct account Username and Password in the corresponding boxes in the Connection Details frame in this window. This is the same Username and Password that you use when logging into the TransAct AT software. Do not use your Sierra Chart Account Name and Password. They will not work here!!.
  5. Generally you should leave the Account Number blank. It will be automatically set.
  6. If you have a TransAct demo account set the Connection Type to Demo. If you have a TransAct Live account, then set the Connection Type to Live .
  7. Contact TransAct Support or your broker for assistance with these connection details if needed.
  8. Press OK.
  9. Select File >> Connect To Data Feed on the menu. If you are still having trouble with your Username or Password, contact TransAct Support or your broker.
  10. If you have followed all of these instructions and this does not resolve the issue, you will need to contact TransAct support or your broker.

Error Connecting to TransactToSierraBridge.exe

TransAct Trading | Starting server: C:\SierraChart\Transact\TransactToSierraBridge.exe
TransAct Trading | Connecting to the server Port 1869
Socket (13) | Error received in OnConnect while connecting. Windows error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

For this particular issue do the following:

  1. First, you will see a line like this in the Window >> Message Log like this:
    TransAct Trading | Starting server: C:\SierraChart\SierraChartTransactMA\Transact\TransactToSierraBridge.exe
  2. It could be that the TransactToSierraBridge.exe is not properly shutting down. If you are familiar with the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager, terminate this process. Otherwise, restart your computer.
  3. The connection port to the bridge server program is 1869. This port number is assigned by TransAct. This port number can be changed by specifying a different port number in the Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Connection Details >> Port box. If the Port box is blank, the default port of 1869 will be used. Otherwise, the specified port number will be used.
  4. If you have a connection problem to the bridge, we recommend changing the port number to some other random number between 5000 to 60000.
  5. To try connecting again, select File >> Connect to Data Feed.
  6. Some firewalls may block the connection from Sierra Chart to the TransAct bridge program and cause this error: Error received in OnConnect while connecting. Windows error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. The Windows firewall will not cause this problem. If you are running another firewall program, disable it or remove it from your system. Or make sure that connections using port 1869 or the port specified above are allowed on localhost or
  7. When the 3 above error messages keep occurring over and over again in the Message Log, this can also indicate that Microsoft .NET version 4 or higher is not installed on your computer. Make sure that is installed.
  8. Some antivirus/anti-malware programs may prevent the TransactToSierraBridge.exe from starting and this causes the program not to run and also prevents a connection to it because it is not running. Therefore, disable your antivirus/anti-malware programs on your system to rule those out as a problem.
  9. To try connecting again, select File >> Connect to Data Feed.
  10. If you continue to encounter this error, then we recommend that you contact TransAct support.

Risk Manager

TransAct Error(19) User trading privileges have been suspended by Riskmanager.

This error message is from the TransAct server. The first step is to follow the instructions in the Invalid User or Password / User ID Has Expired section to make sure you are using the correct account information.

If you continue to encounter this error, then we recommend that you contact TransAct support.

Connectivity Related Error

TransAct Trading | Market data feed reported to be lost.
TransAct Trading | Logon error from server: Unknown Error Code: 60.
TransAct Trading | Logon error from server: Gatekeeper Unreachable.
TransAct Trading | Logon error from server: Communications Error.
TransAct Trading | Connection Lost To Transact Price Server.
TransAct Trading | Communications Error.

If you receive any of the above error messages in the Window >> Message Log or the Trade >> Trade Service Log, when connecting to the TransAct service from Sierra Chart, then these indicate that the TransAct server is unavailable or there is a connectivity problem between your computer and the TransAct server.

These are the steps to follow to resolve this kind of issue:

  1. Try connecting again by selecting File >> Disconnect and File >> Connect to Data Feed on the menu.
  2. Disable any firewall software you are running on your computer. The Windows firewall is not a problem and does not need to be disabled. Restart your computer after disabling the firewall. Do not disregard this step. It is of the utmost importance. Do not think a firewall is not the problem because there is a significant probability of it being the problem. You may also want to try restarting your computer into Windows Safe Mode with Networking Support.
  3. If you still cannot connect, then try running the TransAct AT software and try logging in. If you encounter the same error, then contact TransAct support for further help if you still cannot connect.
  4. If you are able to log into the TransAct AT software, then this indicates a firewall is blocking the connection from Sierra Chart on your computer.
  5. For further help, contact TransAct support.

Device Not Authorized

TransAct Trading | Connection error: Device Not Authorized. | (Date-Time)

If you receive the above error message in the Window >> Message Log, when connecting to the TransAct service from Sierra Chart, then this indicates that the TransAct server is not allowing the connection because the physical device you are connecting from has not been authorized for your account.

For help with this issue contact TransAct support and let them know you are specifically receiving Device Not Authorized in Sierra Chart.

Chart Not Updating/Invalid Symbol

If an Intraday Chart is not updating in real-time, but you are reciving historical data, the issue could be that your TransAct account may not have the symbol of the chart enabled.

In this case, refer to the TransAct Symbols section.

This issue would also prevent a Historical chart from updating in real-time as well.

There can be other causes for a chart not to update. For all of the reasons why an Intraday Chart does not update in real-time, refer to help topic #3.

Good till Canceled Order Rejected

When the following order rejection message is given the Trade >> Trade Service Log or as the Order Action Source for the order in the Trade >> Trade Activity Log for the order: TransAct Trading order update (Order reject). Info: GTCs Not Authorized for Account, then this means that you cannot use Good till canceled for the Time in Force (TIF) setting.

You must set both the main parent order and Attached Orders to use a Time in Force of Day instead.

To set the Time in Force on the Trade Window for the main parent order, refer to Time in Force.

To set the Time in Force to Day for Attached Orders, refer to Time In Force.

Automatically Downloaded and Opened Files

When using Sierra Chart provided by TransAct, there will be Chartbook and study collection files which are automatically downloaded upon starting of Sierra Chart. These are files which have been specified by Infinity Futures to be automatically downloaded. To avoid getting these files use a Direct Account.

If there are Chartbooks which are automatically opened upon starting of Sierra Chart, then these may be specified in Global Settings >> General Settings >> Files to Open on Startup. Remove the Chartbooks from that list which you do not want to have automatically opened.

If they are not in that list, the Chartbooks which are automatically opening would be automatically opened by the TransAct trading software through a UDP command.

There may be a list within the TransAct trading software which specifies a file or files to open within Sierra Chart. Remove any Chartbooks from there you do not want automatically opened.

Automatic Reconnect to Data Feed and Trade Server

At the end of the trading day, the TransAct server will disconnect users connected to the data feed and trading servers. This will cause the TransAct bridge program to shut down.

In Sierra Chart as long as Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Reconnect on Failure is enabled, Sierra Chart will continuously try to reconnect to the data feed and trade servers.

If this automatic reconnect is not succeeding, then the TransAct servers may be unavailable. If there is a message prompt not allowing the connection to succeed unless acknowledged, then right-click on the TransAct bridge program icon on the Windows Taskbar System Tray, select Maximize and enable the option By Pass Live Order Prompt to prevent this message prompt from appearing.

Market Depth Data Updates

With the TransAct trading service, by default it does not provide market depth data updates other than when a trade occurs.

To receive market data updates for a symbol at any time market is active for a symbol, follow the instructions below.

  1. When Sierra Chart is connected to the TransAct system you will see a TransAct icon on the System Tray of the Windows Task Bar. This has the letter "T" in it. Right click on that icon.
  2. On the displayed menu, select Maximize to open the TransAct Bridge program settings window.
  3. Uncheck the option labeled Ticks Only.
  4. Reconnect to the data feed in Sierra Chart by following the Reconnect instructions.
  5. If you are still not receiving the market depth data updates continuously, then contact TransAct support.

*Last modified Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016.