Telephone Support Policy

Telephone Support Policy

Sierra Chart does not have a publicly posted telephone number. Telephone Support is provided within the discretion of Sierra Chart support and Sierra Chart Support will initiate the call to customers as necessary.

Most of us of our support is provided through the Support Board - Online Support.

Telephone and remote assistance support is generally only used to resolve more quickly a basic operational issue or to get information about a problem that we need to resolve in our software or services.

If we decide to use it, we will get your contact information and also use remote assistance to connect to your computer's desktop.

The information below and generally on this page is not applicable to authorized representatives of Sierra Chart resellers, or to those customers who represent a large amount of individual customers like brokers or other large trading groups or educators. In these cases, we can provide telephone support as needed but we do prefer text based support as much as possible.

The reason that telephone support is generally not provided is as follows:

  • We are very busy and need to move through support requests with a minimum amount of time, and telephone support generally takes a significant amount of more time.
  • Support is provided by engineers and it would be very difficult for us and take time away from our development, if we have an open telephone line.
  • There is less public questions and answers and problem resolutions which is publicly available if telephone support is used.
  • If we were to have an open telephone line, it would have to be someone who is at a lower rate of pay especially with the low prices of Sierra Chart. This person would not possess the same level of knowledge that the engineers of the software would. Therefore, many of the issues brought to them they would not be able to quickly and effectively handle. Anyway, it is the firm position of Sierra Chart that no such person will ever be assigned to an open telephone line.
  • Sierra Chart works with numerous external Data and Trading services each with their own set of issues and ways in which they work. It is a complete impossibility for us to be taking all kinds of questions and problem reports by telephone relating to the services which we would get. This would quickly get insane and we have no interest in this. Why would we want to be bothered with all kinds of external problems that we have no control over, especially on the telephone? It simply makes no sense and it is a firm policy that we will not be involved with this.
  • Telephone support has no written record of the communication and can be disorderly when there are other procedures that have to be taken which are outside the scope of the telephone call.
  • Sometimes there are very sophisticated questions which simply cannot be answered by telephone because they take a lot of time to understand and consider, and we need additional information which has to be provided through a text based format like our Support Board supports.
  • Some questions involve fees and costs for external services and especially questions about exchange fees. We do not earn any money these fees and costs. Furthermore, the rules surrounding exchange fees are illogical, confusing and unfair. It is not proper for us to be spending time on the telephone at our expense and time answering questions about things that we do not control and that we earn no money from. It simply is not worth our time and we have no interest in it.
  • Use the Support Board and you will see it is a good support option. Having direct communication to the engineers on our Support Board is far superior to anything else out there.

Telephone support still can be provided to those who want it in the cases where we would not normally use it, for an extra fee if you are willing to pay for this. This is at $ .70 per minute which is only 42 USD per hour.

*Last modified Saturday, 21st October, 2017.