Technical Studies Reference

Moving Average Envelope

The Moving Average Envelope study draws a top and bottom band or envelope above and below the moving average. Each of the bands are the specified Fixed Value from the moving average or the specified Percentage from the moving average.


  • Input Data
  • Percentage or Fixed Value: Select either Percentage or Fixed Value. In the case of Percentage, set the percentage with the Percentage Input. In the case of Fixed Value, set the fixed value with the Fixed Value Input.
  • Percentage: If Percentage or Fixed Value is set to Percentage, enter the percentage with this Input to multiply the moving average by. This result is added and subtracted to/from the moving average. 0.01 = 1%.
  • Fixed Value: If Percentage or Fixed Value is set to Fixed Value, enter the fixed value with this Input to add and subtract this fixed value to/from the moving average.
  • Moving Average Type
  • Moving Average Length

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