Using the Basic Arithmetic Studies


In Sierra Chart it is possible to perform additional relatively simple calculations on the existing studies in Analysis >> Studies >> Studies Available, by using a combination of the Study Subgraph/Subgraphs Arithmetic studies which can be based on other studies.

The arithmetic studies are as follows:

If you are not able to accomplish at all or easily, a custom calculation using the Arithmetic Studies, then use the Spreadsheet Study instead.

Or for more advanced programming use the Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language.

Arithmetic Studies Example

This example will calculate an upper band which is 1.5 times the distance between the two study Subgraphs of the High/Low for Time Period study.

Refer to the image below for the example.

  1. First add the study to the chart that you want to perform additional calculations on.
  2. Add the Study Subgraphs Difference. Set it to calculate the difference between the two Subgraphs of the High/Low for Time Period study.
  3. Add the Study Subgraph Multiply study. Set it to be based on the Study Subgraphs Difference study and multiply it by whatever amount you require.
  4. Add the Study Subgraphs Add study to the chart and set it to add the High line of the High/Low for Time Period study and the Study Subgraph Multiply study.

*Last modified Friday, 12th August, 2016.